Boost the nitrification and maintain nitrification under stressful condition 


Nitrification microbial enzyme is unique nitrification technology containing nitrifying bacteria for a variety of wastewater types. The nitrifying bacteria thrive in a wide range of wastewater types and respond quickly during upset conditions to restore nitrification. It contains the most effective nitrifying bacteria for wastewater nitrification. 


Denitrification microbial enzyme contains fasting-acting and robust denitrifying bacteria that work in a wide range of industrial and municipal wastewater treatment processes. It increases start-up speed, improves denitrification stability, shortens recovery time after upsets, and reduces the risk of non-compliance. 


Application & Uses 

  • Wastewater treatment plants 
  • Industrial waste water treatment 
  • Municipal sewage 
  • Commercial waste water 
  • Septic waste water 
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  • Effective removal of ammonia nitrogen 
  • Speed up the nitrification process; convert the harmful nitrite/ hydrogen sulfide/ ammonia nitrogen to harmless nitrogen and/or nitrogen oxide. 
  • Control and reduction of excess sludge generation. 
  • Reduction in Color of the treated sewage water 
  • Suppresses foul odor of the treated effluent. 
  • Prevents proliferation of Pathogens 
  • Improved ability to handle higher hydraulic loads and shock loads. 


Dosage & Method 

  • For Industrial waste water: 

1) Initially dosing 100~200 gram / 1time / cum to aeration tank, 

2) Dissolve bacterial into water, 1kg: 10 liter, stir a little bit until complete dissolved , keep for 30 mins. 

3) Turn off inflow & outflow valve, then pour bacterial into aeration tank. Keep aerating for 24 hours. 

4) 1/3 inflow at first day, 2/3 at second day, full open at 3rd day, to reduce shock impact to biological system. 

  • For domestic waste water: 

1) Initially dosing 50~80 gram / 1 time /cum, 1 time / 3 days, keep dosing 5 times. 

2) Subsequently dosing 30 ~50 gram / 15 days for keep system performance. 

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