Protects your community standing by controlling sulfur-based odors 


Odor control microbial enzyme is contains patented biological odor control technology and can degrade hydrogen sulfide mercaptans, and volatile fatty acids. 


A biological odor control program offers superior odor prevention because it works in the same environments where odors are generated. Furthermore, it has no unintended negative impact on the biological treatment system. 



  • Pulp & Paper Mills & Textile Mills 
  • Waste water Treatment Plant 
  • Landfill & Waste station 
  • Livestock Farm & Slaughter house 
  • Food Processing Facilities 
  • Oil Refineries/Hydrocarbon Processing Indus-tries (HPI) 
  • Foundries/Steel Mills/Automotive Plants 
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  • 95 % ammonia nitrogen reduction 
  • 90% sulfur-hydrogen reduction; 
  • Quickly suppress spoilage organisms growth; 
  • Harmless to human and animals; 
  • Non-secondary pollution; 


Dosage & Method

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