Special microbial enzyme for Textile & Dyeing wastewater, Effective to reduce surfactant in wastewater 


High Potency, Bacterial-laden, Powdered formulation, Selected from natural, contains a specially formulated blend of microorganisms, micro and macronutrients, fungi, and surface tension, suppressants or penetrants, developed for use in bio augmentation. 


Application & Uses 

  • Textile wastewater 
  • Dyeing wastewater 


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  • Reduces toxicity of surfactant and De-foam effect 
  • Improve oxygen transmission and aeration efficiency after surfactant reduction. 
  • Increased BOD and TSS removal efficiency, enhances BOD/ COD removal in Textile & dyeing wastewater, 
  • Reduces surfactant & dyeing chemical, 
  • Help for decoloration, reduce decolorize agent consumption cost. 
  • Reduce chemical consumption and saving cost, 
  • Achieve improved final effluent permit results, 
  • Quick recovery from shock load and toxicity. 



Initially dosage 10~ 30 gram per cubic wastewater to start-up biomass culture, 

Routine dosage 1~5 gram to maintain performance. 

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