Wastewater solution for degradation of specific compounds 

CB-OD is a consortium of vigorous and specific microbes that are good at degrading organic pollutants and can effectively help to maintain the outlet parameters of effluent within limits. 

Biological reformulated from bacillus, organic acids, natural biological systems, buffers, nutrients, and energy systems which enhances biological degradation. It is non-toxic, concentrated and easy to use. It can oxidizes wastewater lagoon sludge into carbon dioxide through an innovative “wet burn” process, and helps balance the microbial ecosystem of the indigenous microbes causing biodegradation of the carbonaceous materials to harmless gases, water and humus. Reduces noxious odor produced from organic waste decomposition. 


Application & Uses 

  • Wastewater treatment plants 
  • Industrial effluent 
  • Municipal sewage 
  • Commercial waste water 
  • Domestic waste water 
  • Pulp & paper 
  • Refining/petrochemical 
  • Organic chemical & pharmaceutical 
  • Food processing & Dairy industry 
  • Industrial pretreatment 
  • Collection system 


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Benefit of CB-OD Microbe 

  • The effective natural way to establish and maintain sewage biological treatment system without chemicals. 
  • Digests difficult compounds that are toxic to naturally occurring bacterial or existing generic bacterial, 
  • Provides rapid breakdown of difficult-to-degrade substances: surfactants, fats, oil, sulphides, mercaptans, phenols, cresylates, hydrocarbons, aromatic compounds etc, 
  • Performs efficiently in effluents having high total dissolved solids (TDS), 
  • No modification of the current process required, 
  • Low treatment cost, Increases efficiency of the treatment plant and saves energy costs, Typically costs a fraction of a cent to treat a liter of effluent, 
  • Odour control cause complete biodegradation of organic compounds, 
  • Generates minimum sludge as most of the waste is converted to carbon dioxide and water, 
  • Improve the health of system’s existing biomass and its ability to degrade target compound, 
  • Increase system stability and resistance to washout, upset from high loading, and recovery from mechanical failure. 
  • There are no pathogenic organisms, easy to feed, economical to use 


Dosage & Method

Initially dosage 30 gram / 1 time / cum, 1 time / 3 days, continue to dosing 5 times, Subsequently use 30 gram / time / 15 days to maintain performance.

Dissolve microbe into water, 1kg :20 Liter, then spray to aeration tank evenly, activate aerating for 24 hour.

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