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Hanovia’s PureLine UV range ideal for food, beverage and brewing applications

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Hanovia’s new PureLine UV disinfection range is specifically designed to provide chemical-free disinfection of water, syrups and brines in the food, beverage and brewing industries. The PureLine range includes standard models for virtually any food and beverage processing application, including de-ozonation, as well as a validated, performance qualified model (PQ) for the most stringent, disinfection applications.

Water, brine or syrup passing through the CFD-modelled treatment chamber is exposed to UV light which deactivates microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, yeasts, moulds and algae. In addition, the UV is highly effective at destroying ozone molecules present in process water.

3rd Party Validation

Don’t just take our word for it

The PQ model is 3rd party validated by Carollo Engineers in the USA to the 2006 USEPA protocol following the UV Disinfection Guidance Manual (UVDGM) guidelines. It is approved to most international standards and material certificates are available for all the FDA-compliant wetted parts. In addition, an online duty sensor can be checked against an optional reference sensor to ensure the UV unit is always performing within specification.

Guaranteed Disinfection Performance

  • Actual microbes are used and their inactivation measured in both the PureLine PQ chambers and in a laboratory.
  • Comparison of the log inactivation in the chamber with the laboratory collimated beam determines the UV system dose delivery.

The benefits of the whole PureLine range are many:

  • PureLine range can help with:
    – De-zonation
    – Dis-infection in Brine
    – Dis-infection in Sugar Syrup
    – General dis-infection
    – Performance Qualified dis-infection
  • Installation is easy, Requiring little disruption to the plant;
  • Maintenance is simple and can be carried out by on-site personnel;
  • Non-chemical method of treatment, there is no possibility of a detrimental effect on product stability and products are also free from unwanted residues, colours and odours.

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