An effective biodegradation of fat, oil and grease 


FOG digester microbial enzyme consist of multiple strains of tough aerobic and facultative microbes known for their ability to degrade a wide range of petroleum hydrocarbons. Each gram of FOG digester contains not less than 10 billion of tough bacteria whose only purpose is to biodegrade harmful environmental contaminants into harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide and water. 



  • Oil & Grease traps
  • Kitchen drains & Clogged pipelines
  • De-greaser & Lift station
  • Primary clarifier
  • Drain lines & Sewer Lines
  • Dairies and food processing plants
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  • Excellent for the maintenance and on-going management of all types of grease traps 
  • Innovative microbial technology 
  • Environmentally friendly - converts grease into carbon dioxide and water, and more microbes 
  • Rapid and in-depth action thanks to the synergetic action of bacteria, enzymes and nutrients 
  • Allows rapid start-up of grease traps 
  • Provides rapid start-up of new septic tanks and rapid recovery for intermittent use 
  • Allows grease traps to work better and longer with reduced service 
  • Maintains lines clean and free flowing 
  • Controls odours 
  • Economic & Can be handled without danger 


Dosage & Method 

Before starting the FOG digester microbe program, empty grease trap prior to treatment. 

The dosage of FOG digester microbe depends upon the current grease trap condition, 

Initially dosage 20 ~ 40 gram per cubic meter for 10 days, 1 time / day, 

Subsequently use 1 time / 7 days to keep performance, 

All applications of FOG digester microbe require it to be flushed down through kitchen drain outlets at night with water. 


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