Brand new 192 mm middle size pipe size 1/2″-3/4″ patented dual-indicator flow meter (For Liquid/Gas)


Easy to install, More stable flow field, Patented dual-indicator, Laser engraved scales
Apply for Water treatment PCB│Cleaning


  • 4 design innovations to improve usability: New body design: Decreases the vibration when
    working which stabilises flow distribution./ New indicator design: Easily adjustable and positionable./ Thickened threads for caps: Caps are easy to be locked even under bad concentricity./ Models with and without guide rods are able to share the same adaptors.
  • Patented dual-indicator design for easy and clear flow range management.
  • Laser engraved degree scales provide better readability and longer life.
  • Available in customizable units, temperature, and molecular weight.
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F201- New 192mm middle size pipe size1/2"-3/4"

Standard Specs

  • Model: F201PC, F201PSU, F201H PSU
  • Adaptor Size: 1/2", 3/4"
  • Applicable Fluid: Liquid
  • Flow direction: From the bottom up
  • Engraved degree scales: Laser engraved degree scales
  • Fluid Temperature: 50°C (Standard: UPVC adaptor), 60°C (PP adaptor)
  • Working Pressure: 5.0kg/cm²
  • Full Scale Accuracy: ±5% F.S.
  • Product Material   
    • Body - PC, PSU
    • Float - AISI316, Hastelloy C
    • Guide Rod - AISI316, Ti, Hastelloy C
    • Guide Rod Bottom - PP
    • Adaptor - Welding Type: UPVC
    • Male, Female Thread: UPVC, PP
    • Butt-fusion Adaptor: PP
    • Union Nuts - UPVC
    • O-ring - EPDM, VITON
  •  Adaptor Material
    • Welding Type, Male Thread, Female Thread, Butt-fusion Adaptor

∗ BSPT is standard thread type. NPT is available for custom order.

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