CRIUS – Controller

          Multi-sensor, multi-channel, multi-parameter analyzers can greatly reduce the cost per point of any measurand including pH, residual chlorine, ORP, ozone, chlorine dioxide, dissolved oxygen and turbidity measurements without sacrificing the quality of those measurements.

              The CRIUS® offers more sensor connections, more functionality and more flexibility with a color screen and optional built in 3G modem. The CRIUS® is an attractively priced, top of the range instrument controller. Optional communications packages allow Profibus, Modbus ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and others.

              The CRIUS® is equipped with the capability to connect up to four sensors of any type with appropriate analogue outputs and relays. Four sensors not enough? Simply connect up to 4 CRIUS® together all using the same display and communications. Equipped with datalogging as standard and multiple PID loops as options, the CRIUS® is very able to control complex water treatment processes at a fraction of the cost of other controllers.

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  • Low cost per point
  • Process control options
  • Remote access options
  • Stable, reliable, accurate sensors

Multi-channel online analyzers from Process Instruments all maintain their level of functionality and include:

  • 4-20mA outputs
  • Assignable relay outputs
  • Intuitive menus
  • Text alarms to your mobile
  • High resolution displays
  • Graphing and datalogging
  • 9 buttons for easy navigation
  • Enclosure; wall, panel, pipe or pole mounting. IP65/NEMA 4x.

CRIUS® options plus:

  • Modbus RS485/LAN
  • Profibus DPV 1
  • PID/flow proportional controls
  • Remote sensors
  • Color display
  • Downloadable data logs
  • Remote access via LAN
  • Remote access via 3G/4G
  • Expandable to 16 sensors

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