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    Greasebuster Fat Skimmer

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    Greasebuster Fat Skimmer

    Fat, Oil and Grease Skimme

                Fats, oils and greases (FOG) are becoming a major issue in sewerage networks. There are increasing regulations for process companies to treat this issue before discharge, particularly in the food processing industries. The Greasebuster™ Fat and Oil and Grease Skimmer combines the innovation of Fat Skimmers and Oil Skimmers in its process of fat and oil removal from waste water tanks and systems by using Hydrophobic Belts which attract fats, oils and greases but reject water.


    › Removes fats, oils and grease whilst rejecting water

    › Prevents pipe and sewer blockages › Simple installation

    › 24/7 operation › Removes up to 4m3 of FOG per day

    › Temperature range of operation up to 50°C

    › Reduces waste water bills through COD and solids reduction

    › Reduces risk of environmental prosecution

    › Removes microthrix, filamentous growth and floating solid waste

    › Belt speed control and thermostatic temperature control